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Lee Mark Jones began singing in punk band Regular Wretches at the age of 14, leading to a wild and crazy journey touring the World with The Ramones, Motorhead, U2, Black Sabbath, L.A Guns, Motley Crue, Poison, ZZ Top, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, U.F.O and many others. He is lead singer of The Gypsy Pistoleros who have released multiple albums and played sell-out international tours. 

He has (Due, ironically. to the renewed interest in his musical career through his solo 'Rock n Roll Suicide' show. Signed a new Worldwide 8 year recording deal with https://goldenrobotrecords.com/riot-records/gypsy-pistoleros/ whilst also pursuing hisnew career in the theatre & film.  He has now upgraded Record labels to https://offyerrocka.com/

Turning to acting in 2014 Lee's credits include 'Ticks' in Salem Kapsaski's
Spidarlings (Après Vague/Troma); plus five films by Andrew Jones - North bank Entertainment, including The Revenge of Robert the Doll, Theatre of Fear, Werewolves of the Third Reich, Jurassic Predator and 'The Manson Family Massacre.' ' released through 4Digital Media & Sony productions.  

Pandamonium a comedy slasher film from Mycho Entertainment was released March 2020, he played a high flying coked up lawyer Dick Tremaine.    Work on a film version of the 'A Rock n Roll Suicide! Still alive?' theatre show begins with the very brilliant Mycho entertainment  in September 2021. 

Lee Mark-Jones  obtained a master’s Touring Theatre Degree at University of Worcester in 2019 and was a member of their award-winning Shenanigans Theatre Company.



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Peeo-o-Rama Fagin & Gimpy the Jester present Peep-O-Rama, a portal to strange and mysterious worlds. Come meet the good, the bad, the twisted, and the downright dangerous.A carnival of delights leading somewhere you don’t want to go. 

The Legend that is Chris Thorpe " I thought it was mad. Like, brilliant-mad some of it. And with real potential togo further, And funny. You're on to something. I was so glad to be there”

"In all my years of attending the Fringe, I have never seen a show this weird. It is the definition of an acquired taste, a bizarre, disturbing, sporadically funny descent into the darkest vices of Mark-Jones’ soul. Moments of it are excruciating and painfully long. Others are among the most blisteringly bold theatre I’ve seen at this year’s Fringe. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, one thing is certain: you will never forget it - Miles Jackson EDFringe review 

Quite unlike anything else at The Fringe, the 'Peep-O-Rama'
"portal to strange and mysterious realms, between worlds, where special or tortured spirits dwell and bizarre events take place" allows a host of
unhinged characters to present themselves and peddle their madness – to the clear delight of the audience - and create situations where mishaps inevitably ensue; wonderfully so. Actor, Lee Mark-Jones is a riot as Fagin, our guide into the dark realms of the 'Peep-O-Rama'. His banter with the audience is hilarious – he doesn’t give a f*ck and doesn’t care who knows it! 

The show is overflowing with amazingly bizarre ideas. Just when you think you’ve gotten the measure of it, something even more bonkers and ridiculous appears before you. The unscripted feel (surely it is all scripted?) of the piece calls to mind some of our comedy greats: Spike Milligan, Tommy Cooper, and Les Dawson. It also has the gloriously anarchic edginess of the likes of
‘The Young Ones’ and ‘The Mighty Boosh’, while still absolutely creating its own persona. 

Spike Milligan once said, “You silly twisted boy.” (The Goon Show, BBC radio, 1954). This is gloriously silly, wonderfully twisted, and from the mind of a very clever ‘boy’. We absolutely loved it. More please!

Pics: Sweet P Photography/courtesy of The Write Angle.

Words: Max Lantone


Let’s start from now? And go backwards, Lee Mark Jones AKA Gypsy Lee Pistolero (Google him) last creation, and arguably most successful, Gypsy Pistoleros was a mongrel offspring of fiery flamenco passion and gritty gutter glam, born roamin' somewhere between Barcelona and Birmingham, brought into the world to a soundtrack stack-heeled anthems of sleazy '70s America. Standing alone in musical ancestry and sum sound, they were one of those most rare acts who honestly could claim the tag 'unique'

They always had a reputation for danger? Yet despite that they made history by being the only band to be invited to play at all first five Rocklahoma festivals, in Oklahoma, USA May 28th, 2011, where they appeared alongside Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Poison, ZZ Top, Cinderella, Ratt,  Whitesnake, Black Label Society, Papa Roach, etc where they closed Saturday night after Staind.

There sound was flamenco in a head on collision with punk/rock riffs, pounding bass and thrashing drums. The songs span madly in the best rock 'n' roll tradition! With big hooks, attitude, and sleaze. Yet those flamenco breaks got into your head and refused to leave - this hybrid rocks.

They toured extensively, playing with the likes of L.A. Guns (Both), Buckcherry, ZZ Top, Ratt, The Dogs D'Amour, Bai Bang, Wrathchild, Motley Crue, Vains Of Jenna, Twisted Sister, Poison, Vince Neil, Bang Tango, Skid Row, Slaughter, Faster Pussycat, Dokkenm Papa Roach, Staind and Dirty Penny.
The band imploded in a drug and booze-induced five-year train wreck, GLP leaving on the eve of the Heavy Metal Records GP album release.
Gypsy Lee Pistolero, main songwriter and vocalist from the band Gypsy Pistoleros, kept the flame alive and continues to release new solo material, though has become somewhat illusive & reclusive on the music scene as he pursues a new career in Theatre, acting, writing and film...

Confession of a Rock N Roll Suicide! is a theatrical event designed to release destructive energies in search of peace and beauty, or just destroy it all and leave you in the midst of chaos.