NEWS !!!!  All shows & Tour Cancelled and rearranged as best we can during these times! Edinburgh Festival Fringe residency at the iconic & legendary Bannerman's is also off (To be rescheduled!) Stay safe everone & see you on the other side!

New reviews in for the new re-developed (with Chris Thorpe) show A Rock n Roll Suicide! Still Alive? Tour in 2020   

Thanks so much Lee...I don’t know what to say...but I’m really affected by it. I loved it, not always and not wholly at first but then it stole me and I really fuckin loved it. So much I want to say about it. What a fuckin forward to seeing it again...enjoy it and don’t apologise. It the ending too. I loved the truth of it......thank you x" 

- Michelle Pogmore (Feast Festival Manager & Reaction Theatre)

Life-affirming, life-changing theatre - rooted in the harsh realities of life. Go see! 

Max Lantone (The Write Angle)

                             Ziggy Stardust returns in ‘A Rock n Roll Suicide! Still Alive? Tour in 2020     

Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and the Damned Presents 

‘A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide’ was a surprise hit at Edinburgh  Festival Fringe 2019! Totally splitting the critics, it swept the board with 1,2,3,4 to 5 Star reviews. It was like “Marmite with Crack on it?”, according to one reviewer!  

The original show with funding from the Arts Council England Lottery Grant has been re-written, re-developed with the legend Chris Thorpe and has Toured all over the U.K in 2020. Venues included Rock Festivals, Clubs & risk taking theatres. Taking it back to the real grass roots, to real rock fans & people who may not have the chance to see live Theatre. With admissions kept to a minimum! Part 2. Of the U.K Tour will begin on October 16th through to December. We are thrilled to announce that work on a film version of the show begins with the very brilliant Mycho entertainment!  in July and September with the new show returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 8th – 30th August 2020, playing at quarter past Midnight throughout the Festival at the most iconic Rock Venue in Edinburgh, Bannerman’s!! Next year European shows and a special U.S debut, plus Las Vegas residency will be announced!! 

Current Press

FRINGE REVIEW -Excellent Show  - His is an engaging presence that is wholly wonderful to behold. The anarchy should be spread across the UK…this was for me a great time in the company of a fantastic storyteller.

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A Rock n Roll Suicide! Still alive? Tour 2020 BOOKING NOW

August 8th till 30th Bannerman’s Rock Venue (The Edinburgh Festival Fringe) 12.15 AM onstage CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN!

October Thursday 1st The Ferret Preston 

October Friday 16th The Waterside Arts Centre (Sale) Trafford 

October Sunday 18th The Subside Rock Bar Birmingham 

October Thursday 22nd The Purple Turtle Reading 

October Wednesday 28th Trillian’s Rock Venue Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 

More Club & Cool edgy Theatre dates TBA

 Ziggy Stardust makes a comeback at the Ed Fest Fringe!

 5 STARS from The Edinburgh Reporter!!!! 

By Richard Purden - August 18, 2019

If you like rock n’ roll with glamour and grit beneath the fingernails, then this is for you.

With a cast of characters including Johnny Thunders, W. Axl Rose and David Bowie. Lee Mark-Jones captures the energy of the council estate kids who fell under Ziggy Stardust’s spell in 1972 and became punk, glam, gypsy rockers in the 80s.

As a member of The Ice Babies, Lee was part of the London scene that drew rock kids from all over Britain into a vibrant, wild environment that produced many fascinating characters and bands, forgotten in the wake of grunge and Brit-pop.

They’ve become hidden, Withnailian figures frozen out by the establishment. As Bon Scott warned the journey to the top was about “gettin’ had” and there is no shortage of villains in Lee’s story who make it near impossible for many talented young outsiders to ascend. Mark-Jones stories and delivery are worth their weight in cultural gold, some are tragic, others laugh-out-loud hilarious.

At the centre of it all is a raw, punk heart that refuses to play the game or settle. Rock n’ roll is strewn with stories of mental illness. Lee discusses his recently diagnosed ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) condition which has helped him make some sense of all the wonder and chaos.

Let him tell you his story, and after in the bar buy him a pint, he’ll tell you another one that tops them all. That’s Lee.  

‘A Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’ at Zoo Southside until 26 August 2019 @ 9.00 pm

Edinburgh Reporter@EdinReporter

We have given Lee Jones 5 Stars for A Rock n Roll Suicide @TheatreDamned 

Its official!  ‘A Rock n Roll Suicide’ was "Like Marmite with crack on it! " Theatre of The Wild, Beautiful & Damned were The Sex Pistols of the Ed Fest fringe The mainstream theatre press loved and hated it . But it continued to stir up a right storm attracting  great crowds and reaction! 

The Edinburgh Reporter ***** 5 Stars  - Mark-Jones stories and delivery are worth their weight in cultural gold, some are tragic, others laugh-out-loud hilarious. At the centre of it all is a raw, punk heart that refuses to play the game or settle.

Viva Le Rock  *****    5 Stars  - It’s only Rock n Roll (theatre)  but we love it ! 

Pocket size theatre **** 4 Stars -  for a raw meaningful exploration of fame, aspiration and music industry this is a show worth supporting… it is never too late to succeed. 

The Stage *** 3 Stars - Imaginatively staged and anarchic

The Wee Review   ***  3 Stars   - a diary of dreams, tragedy and comedic reflection. 

The List   ""   2 Stars  - Punk also-ran re- flects on success.. a charmingly eccentric presence  

The Scotsman   * 1 Star  -cause to be concerned for his welfare, so chaotic is his delivery of this autobiographical show

FRINGE REVIEW -Excellent Show  - His is an engaging presence that is wholly wonderful to behold. The anarchy should be spread across the UK…this was for me a great time in the company of a fantastic storyteller.

The Write Angle - This show is everything that a punk rock theatre experience ought to be. It’s raw, unruly, brimming with attitude and littered with missed cues, forgotten anecdotes and deliciously witty ad-libs. The best bit is, Lee, himself, doesn’t give a flying f*ck (so he tells us, anyway), and nor should he. This is his story, to tell in his way. That is exactly what he does. Brace yourself for a beautifully bumpy ride!

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"I love Lee, he's dangerous and doesn't give a f**k and I love that." -  Chris Thorpe

"You've got the makings of an amazing piece of theatre there."  Ed Collier (China Plate)

“One of those performances where you are a different person afterwards than you were before.Nobody has seen anything like it” Garry Cook -Lancashire Fringe Festival 

"'A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide is honest, funny, shocking, reckless, clever and mouthy – all the qualities I expect from a Rockstar. Lee's ascerbic and witty storytelling style completely compliments the anecdotes he shares during the show, and the songs and visuals layer up to bring detail and add to the nostalgia. There's nothing quite like this show – go and see it!'  Liza Vallance - Clout Fringe Festival Organiser