The Life of a Nearly-Was-Rock star comes to EdFringe

                                                          Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and the Damned Presents

                                                                                                            A Rock'n' Roll Suicide!

Ziggy Stardust takes us on a tragical Mystery Tour through the life of a nearly- was- Rock star, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, AKA Lee Mark-Jones! This one man- show plays out against a backdrop of videos and scenes from his early life, our jaded, ageing rocker sings
along with his young pretty self and belts out songs from Punk to the Present, from an initially glamtastic, then tragic Rock N Roll career.

It’s a tale of anarchy, rage, sadness and laughter. 

It’s a struggle between damnation and salvation.

Its story of a man who comes to terms with himself after the diagnosis of a conditionthat unknown to him, has defined his life.

Join us on this autobiographical roller coaster and see for yourselves what Ziggy Stardust is finally revealed to be.  

A one-man show with a role-call of virtual celebrity guest stars, this suicide is by turns glamorous, punky, anarchic and tragic.

Co-starring Lemmy, Slash, Axl Rose, Blondie, Joey Ramone and Joan Jett amongst others.

Upon alter ego Ziggy Stardust's revelation to be his undiagnosed ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) condition, deep soul searching, self-questioning, recriminations, rage and confusion ensues. Triumph over tragedy? You decide! From the Council estates of Kidderminster to Beverley Hills and back? 

Also featuring a special guest appearance by Chris Thorpe, as the voice of Mr. Punch, the puppet of truth.

Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and Damned is the creation of Lee Mark Jones AKA Gypsy Lee Pistolero and specialises in chaotic and surreal contemporary theatre and performance with Dramaturgy by Dan Coleman (Dawn State Theatre). Lee said: "I intend to attract a new kind of audience which does not usually go to the theatre; an audience craving strange journeys of darkness, horror, suspense, and wonder. All these thrills we will provoke into life, in the flesh, breathing and bleeding on stage, and right in your face."

"I love Lee, he's dangerous and doesn't give a f**k and I love that."Chris Thorpe

"You've got the makings of an amazing piece of theatre there.Ed Collier (China Plate)

"'A Rock 'n' Roll Suicide is honest, funny, shocking, reckless, clever and mouthy – all the qualities I expect from a Rockstar. Lee's ascerbic and witty storytelling style completely compliments the anecdotes he shares during the show, and the songs and visuals layer up to bring detail and add to the nostalgia. There's nothing quite like this show – go and see it!'  Liza Vallance - Clout Fringe Festival Organiser

“One of those performances where you are a different person afterwards than you were before. Nobody has seen anything like it” 

Garry Cook -Lancashire Fringe Festival Organiser

BACKGROUND Lee Mark Jones began singing in punk band Regular Wretches at the age of 14, leading to a wild and crazy journey touring the World with The Ramones, Motorhead, U2, Black Sabbath, L.A Guns, Motley Crue, Poison, ZZ Top, Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango, U.F.O and many others. He was lead singer of The Gypsy Pistoleros who released multiple albums and played sell-out international tours. He continues to release solo material while pursuing a new career in the theatre. Turning to acting in 2006 Lee's credits include 'Ticks' in Salem Kapsaski's Spidarlings (Après Vague/Troma); and five films by North bank Entertainment including The Revenge of Robert the Doll, Theatre of Fear, Werewolves of the Third Reich, Jurassic Predator by Andrew Jones' released
through 4Digital Media & Sony productions. Due out August 2019 is 'The Manson Family Massacre.' The Spaghetti Western T.V Series in pre-production with Director Rock Salt , 'Miss Harper' with Susan George & Lisi Tribble & Varney 'An epic Vampire Trilogy' and just finished filming the Mycho Slasher 'Pandamonium'  

Lee Mark-Jones recently obtained a Master’s Touring Theatre Degree at University of Worcester and is a member of their award-winning Shenanigans Theatre Company.

"Among the most blisteringly bold theatre I've seen at this year's Fringe. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, one thing is certain: you will never forget it."   Miles Jackson EDFringe review 2018

"It also has the gloriously anarchic edginess of the likes of 'The Young Ones' and 'The Mighty Boosh'.... wonderfully twisted, from the
mind of a very clever 'boy'. " The Write Angle - Max Lantone

Listings Information:  

29 April – University of Worcester, Dance Studio 12pm

5 May – The MAC. Midland Arts Centre, Foyle studio  12 pm 

May 20  - The Lancashire Fringe Festival The Ferret Preston 8pm

7 July - CLOUT Festival,  Studio 3 Arts Theatre,  Boundary Rd, Barking,  IG11 7JR

30 July The Camden Fringe Festival  Camden People’s theatre 9pm

2-26 Aug The Edinburgh Festival Fringe The Zoo (Southside) The Studio 9pm 

 117 Nicolson Street, EH8 9ER (Studio-Venue 82) 117 Nicolson Street, EH8 9ER 

Tickets:  Aug 2-4 21:00 (45 mins) £5.00 - Previews

Dates:   Aug 5-26 21:00 (45 mins) £10.00 (£8.00 concessions)   
             ZOO Box Office: 0131 662 6892

ZOO Press Office: For further information, images, or to request a media ticket please contact             (during the festival) 0131 662 6787

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